Openbooth Exhibition Regulation

Article 1 (definition of terms)

1. ‘Online Fair’ refers to all online fairs held within the open booth service.
2. ‘Participating companies’ refers to companies, associations, and organizations that have agreed to these terms and conditions and registered online booths to participate in the fair.
3. ‘Organizer and Organizer’ refers to other companies, associations, organizations or open booths that have agreed to host each fair.
4. ‘Company’ refers to the ‘Openbooth’ that operates this service, and ‘Member’ refers to the user of the open booth service.

Article 2 (application for participation)

1. Participating companies wishing to participate in the fair can enter into an application contract by selecting the fair and selecting the agreement and registration button of this regulation.
2. Participating companies can create booths for each product and service they wish to exhibit, and participation tickets must be used for each number of booths for which they wish to register.
3. The organizer may reject the participation application or cancel the booth registration according to the separately stipulated booth registration principle if the applicant has applied for participation more than the number of booths allowed to participate in the fair or if it is judged that it is not suitable for the nature of the fair. In addition, even after receiving the application for participation, the organizer may return or cancel the participation fee of the participating companies depending on the circumstances of the fair.
4. Participating companies must notify the organizer immediately if there is any change in the registered information, such as submitting the already registered participation application, booth information, etc., and the participating company is responsible for any disadvantages caused by not notifying.

Article 3 (Expo size and booth location allocation)

1. The organizer can set the size of the fair according to the nature of the fair and the needs of the organizer.
2. The organizer will prioritize the order of booth arrangement in the order of participation registration, but can change and assign the exhibition location of the booth in the most reasonable way considering the overall factors such as visual elements, participation scale, and previous participation history.
3. The organizer may change the placement location if there are unavoidable circumstances, and the participating companies that participated by paying the cost may not raise objections such as cancellation of participation, assignment, or request.
4. Participating companies cannot lend or exchange the positions of their booths to a third party. If this happens, the organizer may cancel the booth registration.


Article 4 (Refund Regulations)

1. In the case of any of the following reasons, the company calculates the service fee previously paid from the date of occurrence of each of the following reasons and refunds the balance to the user.
1) If the service cannot be provided due to administrative disposition for’paid service’
2) When it is impossible to provide paid services due to reasons attributable to the company2. If the member cancels the use of paid service in the middle or the service use contract is terminated, the refund will be given as follows.
1) Refund of participation ticket
- Before using the participation ticket: the total amount of the previously paid participation ticket
- After using the participation ticket2) General participation ticket
- In case of cancellation on the day of use of the participation ticket during the recruitment period for exhibitors: full refund
- 1 day after use of the participation ticket ~ 2 weeks before the start of the fair: 90% refund of the amount of the participation ticket (excluding 10% commission)
- After 2 weeks before the start of the fair: No refund3) Monthly regular participation ticket
- Refund after deducting the amount used by calculating a daily prorated amount according to the period of use based on the cancellation date
※ In case of attending more than once, refund excluding attendance fee
※ Percentage conversion amount = Sales price of participation ticket / Number of days used in the month
※ Number of use days: From the 1st of the month to the date of cancellation
※ Discounts, packages, and refunds of optional products
-Before use: Refundable
-After use
4) Discount, package product
For used products, the amount before discount is reflected and refunded after deduction
5) (Optional) Create additional booth
6) (Optional) Create banner
Prorated based on the date of commencement of work and refunded after deducting expenses
3. In the case of purchases made with other external payment methods, the payment site’s fees and service usage fees are prorated and the balance is refunded. Other policies follow the general participation ticket refund policy.

Article 5 (Overcharge)

1. In the event of an overcharge, the Company shall refund the full amount of the overcharge in the same way as the payment for the use fee. However, if a refund is not possible in the same way, it will be notified in advance.
2. In the event of a fault due to the company’s responsibility, the company will refund the full amount of the fault regardless of the contract cost or commission. However, of the member
In the event that an overcharge occurs due to a responsible reason, the cost required for the ‘company’ to refund the overcharge shall be borne by the ‘member’ within a reasonable range.
3. The company is responsible for proving that the usage fee has been properly charged in the case of refusal to refund the member’s alleged fault.


Article 6 (Disclaimer)

1. If the company cannot provide paid services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, the company is exempted from responsibility for providing ‘paid services’.
2. The company is not responsible for any obstacles in the use of paid services due to reasons attributable to the member.
3. The company is not responsible for the contents of information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted by members in connection with paid services.
4. The company is not responsible for disputes between members or between members and third parties through paid services.
5. The company is not responsible for the company’s failure to provide the service smoothly because the telecommunications operator has stopped telecommunication services without prior notice to the company, or the company has not received normal service from the telecommunications operator.
6. The Company may temporarily suspend the service due to unavoidable reasons such as regular system inspection, expansion, and replacement of the system, and in principle is not liable for any damages to members caused by this.
7. The Company shall not be held liable for damages caused by a member’s computer error, or if the member incorrectly entered member information or e-mail address.
8. The company shall not be held liable for damages caused by the member’s intention or negligence among the damages incurred to members in connection with the use of the service.
9. The company shall not be held liable for any loss of profits expected by the member while using the service or for damages caused by data obtained using the service.
10. The company is not responsible for any problems arising from the member’s computer environment or the network environment without reasons attributable to the company.